Hello sweet Souls and welcome to your week ahead pick a card reading! This is how it works: take a deep breath, focus on what it is you need to know right now and pick the card you are most drawn to!

If you felt drawn to card #1 (left)

your week ahead is all about making decisions. Your Spirit Guides are letting you know, that is important for you right now to follow your heart. There are multiple options presenting themselves to you and it can be a bit confusing. Maybe even someone around you is trying to push you in a certain direction. This week it’s time for you to focus on what it is you want, what makes you happy?

I know this can be hard, because we don’t want to mess things up, but have a little bit of trust in yourself, you are capable of making decisions that will benefit you and your well being! Remember to follow your heart! See yourself in a happy state and it will become easier for you!

If you felt drawn to card #2 (middle)

your guides are telling you to stand up for yourself! I get the feeling that you have some pushy or bossy people around you that don’t necessarily act in your favor. Maybe there is even some envy and jealousy going on here. It’s time for you to be you! Focus on your goals, be true to yourself! Even though it might seem like a huge challenge right now, remember you are not alone, you have people around you that love you and protect you!

Tap into your creative side, re-ignite that fire that is still burning within you! Do what you feel passionate about and don’t let others take over or influence you! You are the only one living your life and it’s up to you to live it the way you want! You are unique so stand your ground and show everybody how amazing you are!

If you felt drawn to card #3 (right)

your guides are telling you that you have been doing everything right! All that hard work is finally going to pay off! I truly love the Sun card, it’s actually my favorite card in the whole tarot! It just spreads happiness! So for you, this means things are going to be great! There is lots of happiness, love, success and plenty of good things waiting for you! You can finally breathe and be free and live your life the way you always wanted to! Things are shifting in a way better direction!

It’s your time to rise and shine! Be proud of yourself, smile and enjoy yourself and life! The dark times are going to be over and just like the sun is rising every morning, so will you!

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