Day 4 – The Aces

Isolate the 4 aces from your deck as you will only be working with these 4 cards today.
For the purpose of this exercise, please regard the cards as follows: The Ace of Wands represents passion. The Ace of Cups represents emotion. The Ace of Swords represents thought and the Ace of Pentacles represents physical touch. Shuffle the 4 aces and ask the following:
“With which sense does my intuition often speak?”

The Ace of Pentacles – Element of Earth

Well, this is no big surprise for me even though I am very emotional and empathic, I am very connected to Nature and Earth. Touching things – not people – is something I always do. And most important to me is touching things outside.

For example, I already told you guys, walking and being in the Forrest helps me ground, enhance my Intuition, empowers my abilities.

So when I do go for walks, I always touch trees, pick up rocks, or sit in one of our fields and just touch the grass or the ground.

We also have a little creek on our property and sitting there, just touching the water either with my hands or just sticking my bare feet in the water is so amazing! Some of you might have noticed by now that I also love Crystals and Gemstones. When I go to the market, or to one of the local stores, I always touch them, to make sure to feel the energy and pick the right one for me!

So as I mentioned before, this is no big surprise to me at all, when I asked: “With which sense does my intuition often speak?”. And then pulled the Ace of Pentacles as this means my intuition often speaks through sensing things and connecting with Nature.

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