Hello my sweet Souls!

Today I decided to go with my intuition and pull you guys a card from my Moonology Oracle Cards, and we received a very strong message!

Cardinal Moon – Be bold and make the first move

This tells me that some of you out there need to start taking action, be bold maybe even a little bit bossy – or more determined.. Your going to need to be strong, a lil bossy and bold to get where you want to be, so no shame! This is maybe a time for you to see how far you would go and how strong you really want something as well. If your head is messing with you, your full of worries, this is a sign to try to relax and be less stressed about your situation, it will all fall into pieces if you work hard enough. Remember to speak up for yourself and don’t let others take over the Wheel of your Life! You make your own decisions – just sort out your emotions and follow your heart. There is one thing you should avoid doing though, becoming too reckless or forcing to move to fast, remember everything happens when it’s supposed to happen, so have faith in yourself!!

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Have a great weekend everyone!