Hello sweet Souls,

today’s message is very interesting and important at the same time. The Word Lord is here to remind you how important your words and actions are, and how they can affect people and situations around you.

If you want to receive positivity around you, help, open and honest communication, it’s important that you are positive, helpful, grateful, open and honest towards others. You reap what you sow… So in sending out positive energy to the universe, being grateful, helpful and kind, you will receive all those things in return.

This might also come as a little warning, to be true to yourself and make sure to surround yourself with people that are honest to you. It could also be a warning that someone around you is being deceitful, and maybe even is trying to betray you at some point. It’s very important that you trust your instincts and separate yourself from those people.

Then, be grateful that you have managed to walk away!

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