It’s time for this week’s message from your Spirit Guides!

This is what you have to do to receive this week’s message from your Spirit Guides:

Take a deep breath, focus on what it is you need to know right now, and then pick the card you are most drawn to from the picture below:

Remember, this is a general message and might not resonate with you right away or will take some time before you realize what the message is about!

Card #1 The Altar Priestess

If you picked this Cards, your message from your Spirit Guides is that you have to be proud of yourself, and of who you are. I get the feeling that you might be giving yourself not enough credit for how far you have come, or even have some self-esteem issues? Could it be that you don’t feel important enough? Could it be that someone even is dishonoring you?

The Altar Priestess is showing herself to remind you that you are amazing and that the Universe is waiting for you to step up and show everybody what you are capable of! It’s time for you to start feeling who you really are and become your true self. Don’t let others make you feel less of a person, you are amazing!

It’s really important right now for you to align with your inner, true self, and be the designer of your life! A great way to find that inner peace and align with your inner self is to meditate or start re-connecting with Nature. Trust your intuition, pay attention to it! Your getting plenty of messages from your Spirit Guides, but you might just not pay attention or even be aware of them!

Card #2 The High Lady of Love and Compassion

If you chose this Card, your message from your Spirit Guide is that you have to remember that Love and Compassion are very important feelings!

Are you maybe feeling unloved lately? Are you not ok with who you are and don’t like yourself? Remember, The High Lady of Love and Compassion is here to show you and remind you that you are worthy of Love! But also to remind you that you have to love yourself first. Now there is a fine line between loving yourself and letting your ego take over, becoming arrogant, this is why your message from your Spirit Guides is also to show compassion and love to others.

Put yourself first without being too greedy. Accept yourself and be kind to yourself. Do some self-care but don’t forget to share and give to others as well. There is a fine line of balance, and once you’ve found that fine line, you will start receiving more love and compassion from others as well.

People will start to become more friendly, and if you were thinking of your relationship while picking this card, things in your relationship will become more clear, it will be either going to form a stronger bond, or you will realize your partner is not the right one for you, but the confusion and doubts will be gone!

Card #3 The Desert Prince

If you picked Card #3 then your message from your Spirit Guides is to let you know to hang in there! If you are currently going through hard times, it will all be over pretty soon, but, I know there is always a but… Be tough, have courage, stand up for yourself – This will help you get through this situation.

This will be a life lesson and experience that will help you grow, help you connect with your true self and break free from some binding influences. You have to let your inner warrior out and remember you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Remember, no matter how hard it was, or how hard it might still get, there is always water somewhere in the Desert, and people there to support and help you, so even though you are a tough cookie, don’t hesitate to ask for help and support!

Try to see the truth in yourself, and in this situation. Maybe try a new angle and different approach, get a new perspective. It will help you see more clearly and your Spirit Guides will help you and guide you in the right direction!

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Have a great week everyone!!