This week I decided to give you all a two-card general guidance for the week, to spice things up a bit!

So I channeled a message from your Spirit Guides and received a really positive one! I asked what it is you need to know right now and drew The Enchanter and the Three of Visions! Now, this is a big message, I feel like some of you out there are going to go through some major changes this week.

Now no need to worry, this is a change for the better! For you, this means, you are finally holding the reins to your own life. You are aligned with the Universe and have the power to manifest all the happiness you want! In combination with the waxing Crescent Moon, it’s the perfect time to attract anything you want. Grow your finances, form a stronger bond with your partner, get a positive outcome on a job interview…

Set your focus on what it is you truly want, and imagine yourself having just that! Use positive affirmations, write your goals down like you already achieved them. Use the power and energies of the growing moon to grow your own abundance and prosperity, transform your life into something better!

The Three of Visions is telling me, that if you do listen to your Spirit Guides and believe in yourself, believe that you can make it happen, it will happen! This is a time for you to be happy and celebrate your success! Don’t lock yourself up anymore, go out there and enjoy your life, you truly deserve it!

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Have a blessed week