Welcome to this weeks free pick a card reading, I will explain to you how this works!

I would like for you to focus on the image below, ask your guides: What is it I need to know right now? Take a deep breath and pick the card you’re most drawn to! Your answer will be revealed below!

Card #1 Judgement

If you picked this card, it’s time for a moment of truth. Judgment is showing itself to you, to let you know that you are honoring your Soul’s calling. But, I know there is always a but… You still need to do some reflection!

It’s the right moment to think about how far you have come and reflect on what it is you need to let go of in order to reach your true happiness. What is it that is holding you back? If you manage to think about this and work through it, this card means that you are about to reach true happiness!

A lot of things will become more clear, and the truth will come out!

Relationship wise, this means that true karmic bonds are formed. But again, you need to let go of previous relationships or things you’ve been through, in order for this strong karmic bond to develop.

As for your job, career, this could mean that you are finally going to be where you want to be, or that you feel called that there is something better for you out there. If you have just been applying for something new or had an offer – take that great new opportunity and take the next step to happiness!

No matter the situation, there is still a little work involved in letting go of past issues, but then you will be ready for great things and a happy life!

Card #2 The 8 of Pentacles

So as you might know from my previous readings, the Pentacles represent the element of Earth and financial/material matters. 8 is a lucky number, so combine those two and voila, you have one of the most positive cards you can get regarding your finances!

I also feel like it’s time for you to get out of the shadows and show the world your skills, this will help you move forward and help you reach financial safety and stability. You are capable of more than you give yourself credit for.

See it like it’s your time to rise and shine, but you have to put yourself out there! I know it might seem a little risky, but remember if you ask your guides to help you follow your Soul’s purpose, the signs will start coming and you will know what to do!

If you are thinking bout changing your career, try to think about what you are really good at, what skills do you have that could be used in a new job to make you truly happy? That is the path you should follow.

Don’t be shy to start learning again, if this could help you reach your full potential, remember this will help you find the safety and stability you want and need!

Card #3 Chains

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen… As the name indicates it… It’s time to break free.

Could it be that you are falling back into old behavior patterns? Are you feeling trapped, like you can’t get out of a situation? Could it be that there is some addictive behavior that has recently started to sneak back into your life? This could be food, drug, alcohol-related.

Now if none of the above seem to sit right, this could also indicate a person having a “grip” over you and your life. Somebody who is maybe dominant, manipulative or very controlling. If this is the case, your guides are almost yelling at you to break free from that person.

This does not necessarily mean it’s your partner – although if you were thinking of your relationship it is most likely the case – it could also be a friend, a relative, a boss or even a teacher.

The most important thing for you to know right now is to take back control of your life, hold the reins to your decisions. Don’t let others make decisions for you or manipulate you into doing what they want you to do!

You are strong and independent, show that to the world! I also have the strong feeling that at least one of you people needs to hear this, please distance yourself from violence, if you need help, try to contact a local support group or hotline. I feel that this is something you need to hear, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself!!!! Don’t let them do this to you!

Make your own magick happen!

Blessings, Kalianah

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