This week’s free guidance is a pick a card reading! And this is how it works: take a deep breath, take a moment to ask your guides what it is you need to know right now and pick the card you are most drawn to!

For this week’s free pick a card reading I chose the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards, because I felt that a lot of you are going through some major Life Lessons right now. Those Cards are perfect for honest and clear guidance.

Let’s get started!!

Card #1 – The Gatekeeper!

The Gatekeeper is a very strong Card, letting you know that things are going to change for the better right now. No matter what Situation you are facing at the moment, the Gatekeeper helps you unlock and remove obstacles and even secrets. I also feel like there are a lot of new doors opening up for your right now, and I know it’s hard to decide what to do sometimes, but if you are drawn to this card, it means that whatever the situation is you’re struggling with right now, you will get through it with a positive outcome! The keyhole shaped gate in the card is telling me, that no matter what you decide, no door will fully close itself on you, once you’ve walked through! So be brave and look into all the new opportunities and make the decision that feels right for you!

Card #2 – Distant Shores

This is a really interesting card to be drawn to this week… I feel that it means that your journey is just about to start, but it will be a long one. I also feel that it’s time for you to expand your horizon, look into new things, maybe even consider moving locations to find the perfect solution for your current issue. This could mean that you should move closer to home, or consider a new job offer far from home if you live close to home right now. A lot of movement is going to take place! But you will need to have that leap of faith! Also, if none of this is relevant for you, you might consider expanding your connections with other people, or that you have someone living far away from you, who will be able to help you. Remember to be open, and embrace the opportunities that will show themselves to you, you are at the beginning of something new, something great!

Card #3 – Road to Nowhere

Now, don’t be scared when you read this headline! If you are drawn to this card, this means that you will be going through a major transformation. This includes realizing, that whatever the situation is you need guidance on, you will come to realize that change will need to happen. Because right now, it’s not working out and it will lead to nowhere. But change is good, transformation is good! It’s time to let go of things that no longer work for us, so we can grow, move on, head in the right direction. Reconsider your plans, look at things from a different angle, change perspective and the solution will present itself to you! The feeling of disappointment will go away, a load will fall off your shoulder. And please remember, there is always a solution to each problem, sometimes we just need to break certain behavior patterns and work on ourselves to get where we wanna be! Ask for help, for guidance! This could be a friend, family member, or even a stranger you feel drawn to. I feel like this is going to be big and great for you! Look back and look at the choices you’ve made so far to be where you are at right now. Learn from those choices you will transform into a way better situation!

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