I have been fortunate to have two readings with Kalianah so far: Messages From Your Spirit Guide and a Past Life reading. Both were so interesting and provided a lot of amazing information!

Kalianah is lovely to work with, she is extremely gifted in reading cards and being intuitive. Her manner is warm, she has a wonderful sense of humor, is truly interested in the information she uncovers and how it affects the client. She offers suggestions as to how to apply the information to your current life and processes you can try to assimilate it easier.

My experience with Kalianah was wonderful, more than I could have expected. Would I suggest her to everyone? Absolutely!


Where to start? I knew that I was destined for ‘something’, but had no idea where to start. I decided to spend time on myself and wanted to do it right. I needed to ‘up’ my spiritual game and knew that Kalianah could help me get to where I wanted to be.

Kalianah was a genuine guide, confidante, mentor, and friend throughout this 4-week process. With her assistance, I was able to fast-track my spiritual journey by lightyears! Gina has a gift and your life just won’t be the same after working with her. I am so thankful to have found her!

(Transformative Life Coaching)


I loved the Tarot course I took through Kalianah. I went into it with no knowledge of the Tarot and the way it was structured was incredibly helpful for a beginner. I took it at my own pace and each video lesson was short, reviewing a few cards at a time. I was able to take notes and let what I learned digest until I was ready to move on. I appreciate that I am still able to go back and review specific cards if I need to at any point.

Kalianah was also very responsive to questions id send when I needed guidance or clarification on anything. I’ve wanted to learn the Tarot for a while now and I’m so glad I found something to ease me into it and was not overwhelming to a beginner. Thank you!

(Beginner’s Tarot with Kalianah)



I just did this reading with Kalianah, and I am absolutely blown away and filled with so much gratitude for the incredible information and insight that was shared with me. She really illuminated the pieces of information that I needed in order to step into all that I can do in this lifetime, and hearing about these incredible parallels between my past life as well as my present was deeply affirming for me.

I really feel like I have a sense of what I can do now to become all that I am meant to be. I cannot recommend her and this reading highly enough!

(Past Life Reading)

Initially, I came to Kalianah cause she has been recommended, in a group I follow, for Past Life Readings. At the time, I did not know I needed one, but it helped me tremendously with issues I was having in my current life, after that reading, I decided to continue because I needed help feeling more confident and following my intuition more – living my spiritual side more. Every session I have gotten has been amazing.

Kalianah picks up on so much subtle and deep information. She always tells me what I need to hear, and offers really helpful suggestions for how I can move through challenges I am facing. She is warm and easy to talk to, and her sessions have really helped me feel more confident in my forward steps in life! I am continuing this coaching with Kalianah, so that continued support and guidance is appreciated!

(Transformative Life Coaching)


She nailed it, equal parts foresight, advice and hope. I really liked my reading, it was done with enthusiasm and compassion. Id rather have insight as to how to reach my goals than know the possibilities if i get it right, here I got both and a lot of encouragement. Thank you, I feel like I’m back on track and have reason to be excited, much appreciated!

(Tarot Reading)


2020 – Again I had another reading by Kalianah and she is truly a gifted lady. So accurate and with some guidance from my spirit guide, has put my mind at ease knowing I am on the right path and how to better my confidence and situation

2019 – I just had an amazing reading done by Kalianah. Extremely accurate and very informative and has definitely helped guard me on a better path

(Tarot Reading)


I have had two past life readings from Kalianah so far and both were absolutely eye-opening, in-depth, and fascinating experiences. Kalianah does not only give you a detailed look into who you were and how you lived in a past life, but accurately explains how this past life is related to the issues you may be facing in your current life. These readings have helped me clear blockages and step into more a powerful version of myself. My first reading with her helped me realize and fulfill one of my soul’s purposes – these readings are really powerful!

Kalianah’s spirit guide reading was also invaluable – she gave me a clear picture of what my spirit guide’s energy was like, how I could connect to him, how he can help me on my journey, and much more. This has made my spiritual experience much more enriching and clear.

Besides her great skill and ability, Kalianah also has a super fun and compassionate presence that makes each reading enjoyable and comfortable as well.

Kalianah has my full trust and gratitude for the services she offers and I highly recommend her readings to anyone looking for higher clarity and a life-changing experience!

(Past Life Reading & Message from Your Spirit Guide)