Transformative Life Coaching

300.00 60 minutes

Follow-on sessions will be scheduled automatically each week on the same day and the same time for the next 3 sessions.


Follow-on sessions will be scheduled automatically each week on the same day and the same time for the next 3 sessions.

  • Are you trying to manifest the life of your dreams, but it’s just not working?
  • Do you feel like something is blocking you from fully developing your Spiritual gifts?
  • Are you ready to Transform Your Life?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, my Transformative Life Coaching is perfect for you!

What is Transformative Life Coaching?

I work with you for a whole month on a weekly basis.

I help you work on yourself, help you improve your spiritual gifts, help you step into your power, I help you Transform YOUR Life!

Some may call it Spiritual Counseling. I call it Transformative Life Coaching!

I use my Tarot cards as tools and channel messages from your Guides and Guards to help you get through any situation in your life. I will also provide you with a toolkit that can include meditations, worksheets and much more to help you manifest the life you want!

Your Transformative Life Coaching Package is a monthly engagement and includes :

  • One Numerology calculation to help us find karmic lessons & karmic debts you need to work on
  • Four 6-Card guidance readings, combined with your weekly one hour 1:1 video coaching
  • One recorded meditation (guided and themed on what we are working on that month, can be cord-cutting, healing heart, manifestation, Chakra clearing, or any other subject you wish, is about 20min)


The video coaching session is where we talk about what we need to work on, I give you either Spells, exercises, or other guidance on how to improve things.

I always record our coaching sessions and you will receive a link to download it, so you can go back and rewatch it as often as you wish.

You can decide to work with me for more than one month as well!

I am looking forward to connecting with you and to help you transform into the best version of yourself!

To book your free 30min info Session please book here! You will be able to ask me questions and we will decide together what you need to step into your power!


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