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Have you ever wondered who you have been in one of Your Past-Lives?

Do you have blockages and don’t know where they come from?

I can help you out!

I have always been drawn to the connections between a Past Life and our Present Life. It has enabled me to “specialize” in Past Life readings due to that strong connection.

I can access your Past Lifetimes to help you find blockages that you might have brought along from a Past Life, or dive into unsolved issues from a relevant Past Life affecting your Present Life. 

There are so many things that our soul has been through before being reborn in this life, that it can lead to confusion. I can help you take the necessary steps needed in order to heal. There is so much to discover!

It’s amazing what we went through in some of our Past-Lives, and to know how those experiences influence this current one, can help us a lot to work on whatever it is we need to work on. Past-Life Readings can also help us heal karmic wounds that have followed us.

During this approximately 60minute reading I will use my Tarot Cards to tune into a Past Life that currently is affecting you the most! We will look into who you were, where you lived, the geographic location, as well as into your family, relationships, achievements, fears, major events. We will find out how that specific Lifetime is affecting your current life and how we can overcome those karmic ties!



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Past Life Readings

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  1. Kinsey (verified owner)

    Wow! I just did this reading with Gina, and I am absolutely blown away and filled with so much gratitude for the incredible information and insight that was shared with me. She really illuminated the pieces of information that I needed in order to step into all that I can do in this lifetime, and hearing about these incredible parallels between my past life as well as my present was deeply affirming for me. I really feel like I have a sense of what I can do now to become all that I am meant to be. I cannot recommend her and this reading highly enough!

    • Kalianah’s Corner

      Thank you so much for this amazing review! I am truly happy we connected and I could help you along your path! I know we will stay in touch and thank you again! Big hug to you!!

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