Conversation with your future Self


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Have you ever wondered what advice your future Self would give you if you could ask them?
I can help you out!

A conversation with your future self is not just fun, but you will benefit immensely from this!
During this reading, we will connect with your future self and ask them for guidance.
This will help you see things more clear, your future self has a good idea of what you won’t need in the years ahead even if, right now, you think that it is essential and something you must bring along.
Your future self will give you great advice on how to overcome something you are currently struggling with,
your future self knows what you have accomplished, and what you are skilled at.
It can be all too easy to forget some of the most important and sacred things in our lives and our future self is here to remind us of what remains true and important to us in the years ahead.
Your future self shows you one way that you can be successful in the world in a way that matches up to your values and heart-centered compass.

This is a 1:1 reading and is done via video session.


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