Awaken Your Inner Phoenix


NB: The next 21 follow-on sessions will be booked automatically on the same day and same time for the next 21 weeks1



Are YOU ready to change YOUR LIFE?

Awaken Your Inner Phoenix is my 22 Week intensive one on one life-changing personal coaching Program.

I developed this program and combined my Past Life work with my transformative Life coaching to help you in a very profound way.

We will work together every week for one hour and each week we look into a different topic such as: 

  • your Spiritual Essence
  • your Life Story 
  • your Spiritual Blockages 
  • your Relationships 
  • your Dreams 
  • your Goals and so much more!


Each week you will start to feel the changes and shifts happening. 

You will feel more confident, you will start to take your Life into your own hands, releasing karmic issues, rewriting Soul contracts, cutting cords, clearing karmic debts, setting and manifesting your goals!

I will be there for you and support you the whole time!

You will receive different tools such as worksheets, meditations and so much more!

I help you understand yourself better and rise out of the Ashes like a Phoenix, leaving the Past behind.

It is now time to step in action and change Your Life!

I can’t wait to see you rise out of your Ashes and shine!!


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