If you have not seen my post from yesterday, this is how it works:

take a deep breath, concentrate on the question you have and pick one of the 3 cards.

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and might not feel right for you or your situation, but you can always reach out and book your own personal, in-depth reading with me.

Let’s get started: Card #1

If you picked card #1, it means that it’s not going to take much longer to receive an answer to a very important question. It seems like something is hiding beneath the surface, waiting to come out, but in a very positive way, this might help you find the solution you have been looking for. You will find out very soon if your wishes are going to come true! Now since the Full Moon is a positive card, it’s more likely that your wished are about to come true, or an answer to your question will lead you closer to your goals. Even though this is a very positive card, that indicates all the odds are in your favor, you’re still going to need to hang in there a little longer and keep the good work up!

There might be a sense of madness in the air, try to take a deep breath and stay calm, have your goal in mind and focus on it. It’s time to let go of the past and move on!!

Your affirmation: I am getting the answers I need!!!

Card #2:

If you picked card #2, this means that now is the time for new beginnings, a time of transformations, something great is ahead of you, but, you need to let go of what is no longer good for you… It might sting, just like a Scorpio, but you will feel better afterward. See it like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.. You need to reinvent yourself, or more likely become your true self!

Emotionally this can be a tough time, cause transformation always is hard work, but keep in mind that it will be totally worth it! This could also mean physical transformation, to help you feel better about yourself, maybe a new hair color, or a new outfit, new shoes, paint your nails, whatever it takes for you to feel better about yourself! This will be the start of a new you!
It’s also time for you to let go of a possible grudge your holding, again, this will help you grow and become a better version of yourself!

It’s also time for you to let go of a possible grudge your holding, again, this will help you grow and become a better version of yourself!

Your affirmation: I am ready for transformation!

Card #3:

If you picked this card, it’s time to buckle up! This means that you are looking at a time of emotional chaos, maybe a conflict, something that will most likely cause your blood pressure to rise. Now, no need to panic, if you remember to stay sensible towards other people, this conflict will most likely will be over as fast as it got here

This challenge is about to come to an end. As I said before, it will be emotionally very had, there will be emotions showing up, you might have never known you had them, but again, take a deep breath, try to not let this get to you and don’t take it too personal either. We all face challenges in life and you will get through this situation, trust yourself! Surround yourself by supportive people and family, your not alone!

Your affirmation: I got this, it seems worse than it is!