Hello, my sweet Souls and welcome to this week’s Pick a Card Reading – What inner Monster do you need to face?

I recently received two amazing Decks created by my friend Devon Golden, they are now up for pre-order! One is called The Cat Tarot, a beautiful RWD based Tarot all around Cats! He changed the different suits into: Wands = Posts, Cups = Bowls, Swords = Snakes and Pentacles = Boxes!

The images are very cute and the cards are very easy to read with, check out my full walk-through here: https://youtu.be/ozvxyhFBk3s

The second Deck I am using in this week’s Pick a Card Reading is called The Monster Oracle and is very cute but direct as well and gave me the idea of the theme of the week: What inner Monster do you need to face? You can check out the cards here: https://youtu.be/SpsSvjhhZ7E

But enough talking about the cards let’s have a look at this week’s Pick a Card Reading:

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