Welcome to this week’s pick a card reading!

To receive your message from your Spirit Guides, all you have to do is take a deep breath – focus on what it is you need to know right now – and pick the card you are most drawn to from the picture above!

Please keep in mind that this is a general message and might not relate to you!

Card # 1 – Financial constraints

If you felt drawn to card #1 your message from your Spirit Guides is to keep an eye on your money this week. Really think about the difference between what it is you really need and what it is you want. Set yourself limits on what you spend and what you invest in. This will help you with your financial situation.

It will get better, but this week is all about planning and limiting yourself. Even if it’s just getting groceries before you buy something, just ask yourself: do I really need this right now? Or is it something I could do without and just want? There might be a bigger payment coming up and your Spirit Guides are helping you save up for that.

Take care of your needs and bide your time! Value the money and good things you already have.

Your affirmation this week: I can move through any cycle with dignity and awareness. I am open to receiving increasing wealth. Money moves to and through my life, bringing benefits to all!

Card #2 Archangel Raphael

If you felt drawn to card #2 your message from your Spirit Guides is to heal your heart! Open yourself to love, this means that your fourth Chakra – the Heart Chakra is still a bit blocked. This could come from a previous Relationship, a previous painful situation. Do you value yourself enough?

Self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion are very important and Archangel Raphael is often disguised as a human to come and help you love & accept yourself. This could be a person you already know and are close to, or you will soon meet someone who will help you heal and move away from past pain.

Only if you love and accept yourself truly, others can love you like you deserve to be loved. Archangel Raphael is associated with the color green, so look out for green colors when you ask your Spirit Guides to see Raphael. You can also call upon him yourself and pay attention to green signs, feathers and so on.

Your affirmation: my heart center, my fourth Chakra, is open to it’s a perfect, healthy and joyful state. The energy of love flows through me now. I live in love!

Card #3 Walking away

So, if you picked card #3 your message from your Spirit Guides is quite clear: walk away from Situations, People who are not good for you! But also be aware of what it is or who it is that really is not good for you. Walking away can be very scary, especially if we have not been on our own for a while.

Your Spirit Guides are quite clear though, walking away will help you transform your life for the better. Now, this could simply mean walk away from your current job, move to a different town or walk away from a person that is not kind and loving to you. This is up to you to figure out.

As I said, this can be hard and very scary, but if you do not open that gate and walk through it, your situation won’t be able to change for the better. There are so many new possibilities and options waiting for you to take a leap of faith and go grab them!

Your affirmation: It’s safe and comfortable to move on and let go. I consider all my options and then take action on my own behalf!

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