Hello, my sweet Souls!

Yesterday, on my FB live I was talking about manifesting, a little bit on how to, as well as why! And then we created our own, personal Manifestation Spell Jar! I’m so excited to be sharing this with you!

I also talk a tiny little bit about how you can use the energy of the moon to help you boost your manifestations a bit! Something very important to know is: you do not need any herbs, crystals, or any other ingredient to manifest what you want into your life!

It is all about setting your pure intention! Focusing on what you want and visualizing it like it already happened. All the tools I use (Spell Jar, Crystals, Herbs, Strings, Colors…) are simply to help me set my focus on my intention. That is how magick works!

And manifesting is nothing else than using the magick within you! Working with the energies of the universe! Here are a few tips:
  • write them down like they already happened!
  • word them right, no negative wording!
  • see yourself living the dream
  • add little trinkets, for example, print a picture of the car you want!
  • if manifesting money, always say I have MORE THAN ENOUGH money, so you don’t just attract enough to get by or meet ends meet, but also make extra to put aside, buy nice things, go on a trip…
  • you can also add the phrase this or something better
  • take time to center yourself and calm your mind, so you don’t get distracted and focus on what you are doing!

Watch the video below about manifesting and watch me create my own Manifestation Jar!

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