DAY 3 – Improve the Opportunity

For the style that comes least naturally, what can I do to improve this ability?


Temperance, this will be interesting!

So, my least improved ability is clairaudience, it means that I don’t or hardly ever hear messages. I don’t have voices in my head guiding me, warning me. When I do readings, I rarely hear words from my guides.

Now I pulled the Temperance card to improve this ability and I think this is very interesting. This Card basically means to balance out your emotions, have more patience and also symbolizes more harmony.

Ok, so we got that covered, and to me, this means asking what I can improve to enhance the ability of clairaudience, I might have to balance myself a bit more. If you look at this card, you also see that Temperance is an Angel, and often is associated with Archangel Michael, and he is a big protector and often is connected to remind yourself that you are stronger than you think.

Alright, so again how do I use this to enhance my hearing? I guess that I just have to trust myself a little more, and as mentioned above, find more inner balance. But also, that my clairaudience is stronger then I think it is?

So I will just meditate and work with Archangel Michael more. Another great way to improve my clairaudience is: take a walk in Nature and focus on the Sounds around me.

I will listen to the Birds, the sound of the Wind, the Creek, the trees. I do have a really amazing meditation spot under a wild apple tree, So I will go there today, relax and meditate with Archangel Michael! How does this sound to you?

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