Day 9 – Sense of Taste

Today we’re going to be igniting our sense of taste by working with The High Priestess. Without relying on keywords or what you know of the card’s standard meaning, simply describe what you taste.

The High Priestess and igniting our Sense of taste

Ok, guys, this is a really tough one… I am really struggling with this one! Describing what I taste when I look at the card? I really had to focus and meditate on the card in order to be able to taste something.

So here is what I did: I closed my eyes, asked my Spirit Guides to help me taste something!

After giving it a couple of tries I finally managed to actually taste Ice and herbs while I was looking at the High Priestess.

It tasted a little bit like winter to me as well, I think it is because of the Full Moon in the picture. And then a Herby taste appeared on my tongue. I think that is due to all the flowers and herbs you can see as well. That was more like a spring salad taste?

My mom sometimes adds edible flowers to salads in Springtime and there are lots of Flowers in the image here! And looking at the Flowers reminded me of Bee’s and that gave me a honey taste in my mouth.

So as you can see, igniting our Sense of taste was a very confusing experience for me!

But again, I never paid attention to what I taste when I do my Spiritual work. I might have to be more aware of all my senses, not just the ones that come easy to me!

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