Day 10 – Sense of Smell

Today we’re going to be igniting our sense of smell by working with The Sun.

Without relying on keywords or what you know of the card’s standard meaning, simply describe what you smell. Consider: If you were to step into the landscape of the card, what aromas may be sensed?

The Sun and igniting our Sense of Smell

YES!!!! I love the Sun, it’s my all-time favorite Tarot Card! And when I look at this one in particular and close my eyes, I smell Summer!

I can smell a lot of Flowers, fresh grass and a whole lot of Sunshine! I know some of you might be thinking now: how can you smell sunshine? Well, being a country and farm girl, I can actually smell the sunshine.

It’s a very fresh smell to me, almost like walking over my horse fields. It also smells like Nature to me.

Then of course in this picture, there are a lot of Sunflowers, and that smell immediately comes up as well. Have you ever walked by a field of Sunflowers? They have this really great Flower-Earthy smell, I just love it!

As mentioned above, I can also smell the grass of my horse fields and trees. Looking at this picture is igniting my Sense of smell very easily. I think it just has to do with the beauty of the card and that the Sun is my favorite.

Now I know we’re supposed to just focus on igniting our Sense of Smell here, but this Card just makes me happy, and I feel great!

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