DAY 6: Sense of Touch

Today we’re going to be igniting our sense of physical touch by working with The Empress. Remove The Empress from your deck and place it in front of you. Describe what you feel. Consider any physical reactions/sensations you have in your own body or textures that can be “felt” in the card.

The Empress & igniting our sense of physical touch

So here is what I did: I heald the card in my hands, closed my eyes and focused on how I feel.

I felt really warm, at peace, powerfull… But also ready for whatever lies ahead of me, ready for new Beginnings. Holding the Empress also gave me the feeling of being safe, and protected.

For some reason, I also felt full of Knowledge.

This Card is a very powerful one and released quite a few strong emotions and feelings inside me. The Empress is also known to be connected to the Earth. So I already feel connected to the Empress through my connection to Nature.

Another big Keyword of the Empress is new Life, new Beginnings, so I think that is why I felt ready for anything that lies ahead of me. Why I felt ready for something new.

She kinda triggered the sense of knowing at the same time. It gave me the feeling of just knowing everything will be ok.

So a very interesting Card to work with, igniting our sense of physical touch in my opinion!

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