Day 5 – Sense of Sight

Today we’re going to be igniting our sense of physical sight by working with The Fool.
Remove The Fool from your deck and place it in front of you. Simply describe what you see in front of you.

The Fool & igniting our sense of physical sight

When I look at this card, the first thing I see is the young Forrest Elf sitting on a branch. He is very curious, and also has a little look of surprise on his face. It is dark, and there are plenty of Stars in the Sky.

There is plenty of Ivy around the branch and the Fool seems to be lost in his thoughts, playing with a red Daisy. He seems not to be expecting any company.

Now I’m going to talk about the Symbolism and what it means to me.

The red Daisy just really jumps at me when I look at this Card. To me, this means goodness, virtue, and faith. I associate the color red with love, passion, but also willpower and determination. Red is also the color of the Element of Fire.

The next thing that really stands out to me is the green Ivy. The Ivy symbolizes to me growth, not letting go, always trying to reach the top. Green is a color of hope, luck, prosperity, and good health.

Now let’s talk about the stars… Stars also symbolize hope, faith, and again not letting go, following your dreams. The dark blue night sky also represents the emotions.

So, overall what I see when I look at this card, is plenty of hope, reaching for the top and good luck. But also that you have to be determined to reach that top.

Also keep the faith, no matter what your dreams are, don’t let others surprise you and get you off track!

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