Day 8: Sense of Hearing

Today we’re going to be igniting our sense of hearing by working with The Tower.
Remove The Tower from your deck and place it in front of you.

Consider: If you were within the landscape of the card, what would be heard? Are there any other audio insights that come to you while contemplating this card?

The Tower and igniting our Sense of hearing

Today was a tough one for me. I do not hear things. So I took a deep breath and imagined myself in the scene.

So if I would be standing in the Forrest, seeing what is on the card, I would be hearing a lot of different noises. There would be the calling of a Dragon, lightning, and thunder. But also I would be hearing the cracking of walls and fire burning.

I might even be able to hear people screaming for help and the Fairies communicating with each other.

Taking a closer look at the scenery, I would also think I could hear the sounds of battle.

To me, this card is very dramatic when I just have a look at it and imagine myself standing there. I would probably be devastated to be caught in the middle of the Tower breaking and all the action going on there.

Now the only way I was able to be igniting my Sense of hearing was closing my eyes, and imagining myself there.

It was a very tough experience and felt very intense.

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