DAY 7: Emotional Sense

Today we’re going to be igniting our sense of emotional feeling by working with The Hermit. Simply describe what you feel emotionally when gazing at this card.

The Hermit & igniting our sense of emotional feeling

Feeling things is one of my strongest abilities, and looking at the Hermit is somewhat overwhelming for me.

I have a warm feeling in my Heart, and also feel a big relief when I gaze at this card. I feel calm, and alone, peaceful. Inner freedom could also describe how I feel. But looking at the red Mushrooms makes me feel cautious as well.

And then the feeling of being safe when I look at the bright gold dress the Hermit is wearing.

So gazing at the hermit is igniting all kinds of different emotions in me.

The Hermit generally has Keywords such as solitude, figuring out what it is you truly want. But also inner Knowledge and being on a Spiritual Quest.

For me, this was an intense Card to pull for igniting our sense of emotional feeling, as I mentioned before, I was really overwhelmed at first. But this is why it is called a Challenge, we are supposed to challenge ourselves and work on our abilities.

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