I can’t believe how fast time goes by!

Two years ago today, I started Kalianah’s Corner and became a professional Tarot Reader.

I can’t believe how fast time goes by! It’s been an amazing journey with lots of up’s and down’s. But that is just how life goes, right?

I started out with offering “just” Tarot Readings, and as I became more confident, I started adding more and more services.

Today, I am a Spiritual Life Coach and have set my focus on Past Life work. I offer Past Life Readings and Past Life Regressions, Spiritual Coaching, and Tarot Readings. I even started teaching Tarot and have designed my very own Beginner’s Tarot Course!

I have always been drawn to the connection between our current lives and our past lifetimes and that is why I decided to specialize in helping my clients through Past Life work and Spiritual Life Coaching.

I help my clients discover karmic patterns, unresolved achievements, behavior patterns, and much more! And once we’ve discovered what needs to be fixed, I will guide you on how to overcome those blockages.

I can access your Akashic Records to help you find blockages that have tagged along, or unsolved issues from a relevant Past Life.

I can also help you find a connection to a soul you have met before and met again in this life. There are so many things that our soul has been through before being reborn in this life that can lead to confusion or even let you know why you simply are drawn to a specific person.

So much to discover!!

But of course, I also do readings concerning your current life, which means I can guide you on pretty much any question that pops in your head.

It has been an amazing journey so far and I am constantly working on improving myself, and improving my services!

To celebrate I will offer you guys a 25% discount on all my services!!!

To book your Reading with me, follow this link: http://kalianahscorner.com/services-provided/ the special offer is valid until October 31st!

And please follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tarotreadings13/

I am looking forward to discover your soul’s Journey with you!