Hello sweet Souls!

Welcome to your free weekly pick a card reading, this is how it works:

take a deep breath, focus on what it is you need to know this week and pick the card you are most drawn to. I will post the answers below!

Card #1: New Moon in Sagittarius:

This is amazing and I hope I can put a smile on your face with this, looks like Luck is on your side this week, this card means that a great restart is ahead of you! You might have felt like nothing really went like you wanted to lately, or you were having a “bad luck phase” – well this time is about to end, all you have to remember is that everything happens for a reason, and if you set your mind on the right goals, you can achieve them! You might have to start and go talk to people about your plans, get some new ideas and inspirations, you will feel that things will start turning out in your favor! Also, remember to laugh more and be more happy, you deserve it! It’s time to go out there, have some fun, maybe even travel a bit. Also very important: remember to show gratitude to the good things happening in life and good things will start happening to you too!

Card #2: New Moon in Taurus

This card is a big reminder, that you truly have to believe in yourself, believe that you got this, and also believe that you deserve prosperity. You can have all you want, but believing you are worth it is the most important here. We have a saying in Germany, you are your own lucks blacksmith, this means that you are responsible for your own luck and prosperity. With the New Moon in Taurus, it’s time for you to make some financial plans, best would be to plan your next 12 months, a very good timing since 2019 is almost over and 2020 is almost here. This could also mean that it’s time for a new start in your relationship, or if your single, time to meet somebody new and get involved. No matter if you are currently with someone or by yourself, it’s time to bring back that passion in your life! Also remember to be clear what you value most, not just on an interhuman level, but in general, and that will help you flit that energy switch!

Card #3: Disseminating Moon

If you picked this card, it’s time for you to take a break, breathe and allow yourself to rest. It feels like you have been pushing yourself and maybe others a bit too hard lately. Remember things always happen for a reason and divine timing can be hard, we don’t always understand why we get a setback sometimes. Allow yourself to take it slow and most important have faith that things will all fall into place, once you allow them to. Sometimes it’s hard for us to give the reins out of hand, especially if we had this perfect plan, and then it doesn’t work out. You are where you are right now, and it’s ok, it’s also ok to just relax sometimes, your body, soul & mind need that as well. Once you recharged and allowed things to unfold, everything will be ok! Have a little trust in your Spirit Guides, they guide and protect you!

I hope you all have a great week!

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