Welcome to this weeks free pick a card reading, I will explain to you how this works!

I would like for you to focus on the image below, ask your guides: What is it I need to know right now? Take a deep breath and pick the card you’re most drawn to! Your answer will be revealed below!

This week I chose to draw your free pick a card reading from the Oracle of the Unicorns by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs.

Card #1 Courage

I get the feeling that if you picked this card, your fears and worries are controlling you right now. Are you maybe even doubting yourself? It could also mean that somebody else is trying to control you through fear or trying to dominate you.

This beautiful white Unicorn has shown itself to remind you that you should remember who you are, trust in yourself and take back your power! There is no need to let fear overcome you and control you! You have friends and / or family around you that support you and whom you can trust, so don’t be scared to reach out to them and ask for help. You deserve to be free of any chains that might bind you and live your life free and the way you want to! Remember you are stronger than you think you are, and also more independent then you might think! You are powerful, use that power to conquer your fears and stand up for yourself!

You deserve to be happy!!

Your affirmation: You are safe! Fear is an illusion! Set strong boundaries!

Card #2 Discernment

If you have chosen this card, it means that a situation in your life might not be as it seems. Take a close look before taking action right now. Carefully check all your options, there is something hidden you’re not seeing right now. So no time to rush things!

This Unicorn has come to you, to help you have a closer look, maybe someone is not telling you the whole truth, take a break and allow yourself some time to find out the whole story before you act. Follow your intuition, it will help you make the right decisions, it’s also very important that you allow yourself to let go, and don’t make any decision that does not feel 100% right. Also, keep your plans to yourself right now, others might try to take advantage of you and your ideas and projects.

Remember, anything is possible, and if you follow your intuition, you will make the right choices!

Your affirmation: All is not what it seems! Stay true to your knowing! Keep your dreams a secret!

Card #3 Balance

Are you loading too much onto your shoulders right now? Pushing yourself too hard and not cutting yourself enough slack? I do feel that you need to find your inner balance in order to get closer to your goals!

There is nothing wrong with taking a break sometimes, allowing yourself to rest and just breathe! It’s important that you allow yourself to breathe and also set healthy boundaries, so people can’t take advantage of you and drag you into their drama! Remember if you burn out, it will take longer for you to recharge your batteries and that will eventually delay your dreams and goals, it’s also ok to say no, and put yourself first! So, my advice is, treat yourself sometimes, and just ignore everything around you! It will help you find your inner balance and move nicely toward your dreams and goals!

You deserve this, don’t let others rule you!

Your affirmation: Take time to relax! Indulge a little more or less! Set boundaries with your work!

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