DAY 2: Enhance The Strength

For the style that comes most naturally, what can I do to continue to enhance this ability?

Oh wow!!! The Page of Wands

To me, this means be creative, be open to new things, enhance my inner child. Also, be more curious, enjoy life, go hang out in the Forrest, play with my animals… So many things I can do to enhance my abilities… But really this is telling me to light that fire inside of me, play with new things, and don’t hold back my curiosity, explore, travel to places that are magickal.

I’ve always wanted to explore more of Ireland and Schottland, maybe it’s time for me to plan a trip. Say yes more often when possibilities present themselves, don’t hesitate but instead go for it! To be honest I was really thinking that I need to go and take advantage of the 12 hectares of Forrest on our property! So this is what I will do, starting tomorrow. Another thing, I will do more readings for myself, and maybe see if I can find some more exercises or a new course online to grow and illuminate my Intuition. I also feel like it’s time for me to take another Past Life course, or another Akashic Records course, this will most definitely help me.

I really like this to enhance the Strength of my abilities.

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