Iโ€™ve done this challenge already about a year ago, and I thought itโ€™s time to enhance my gifts once more and share my experiences with you! The challenge is called Illuminate your Intuition, and is to unlock your unique perspective style, learn to trust your instincts and to improve your intuitive practice! How fun and amazing!! So I will be posting my 30 Day Challenge here and share my Journey with You all!!

Here’s where I found the Challenge: http://www.spiralseatarot.com/freebies/ in case you would like to join me and share your experiences with me. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or just want to chat with me about your own, personal spiritual growth. http://kalianahscorner.com/contact/

I will be mostly using the Forest Creatures Tarot by Tarocco Studio, it is one of my favorite Decks and I feel very connected to it.

Day 1: What do I need to know regarding my own intuitive ability as I begin this journey?

I have been feeling very drained the past couple of months, and drawing the 2 of Swords is telling me, that I am kinda standing in my own way lately to grow my own intuitive and psychic gifts. I have to take off my blindfold and free myself from the fog that is in my head. It’s up to me to get back in touch with my spiritual self and I think this makes perfect sense! I have been taking a break from doing readings, and have had a lot on my plate, so I did feel a bit disconnected from my guides as well. And I also did not take the time to take care of myself and my spiritual path either. So this is a blockage I put on myself, and it’s up to me to get rid of it and see clearly again! I have to stop letting my mind take over and my head messing with me, and follow my intuition more, this will help me develop my intuitive abilities more!

I’m glad I decided to do this challenge once more, and get back in touch with my spiritual self, enhance my gifts, grow and share my experiences with you!

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