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About Kalianah

My name is Kalianah, I am your Kickass witchy Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher. I am supported by my amazing Sidekick Nasira mostly known as Demon Kitty, she hops in and comments on almost every session!

Her and I are so excited to support and help you alongside your healing journey.

We want to help you become the YOU you have always known to be amazing!

Sidekick: Demon Kitty

About Me


Kickass Spiritual Life Coach

I work with people who are on their Soul’s Journey and want to transform their lives.

I offer Past Life Readings, Spiritual Coaching and Tarot Readings.
I have always been drawn to the connection between our current lives and our past lifetimes and that is why I decided to specialize in helping my clients through Past Life work and Spiritual Life Coaching.
I help my clients discover karmic patterns, unresolved achievements, behavior patterns, and much more!
And once we’ve discovered what needs to be fixed, I will guide you on how to overcome those blockages.
I can access your Past Lives to help you find blockages that have tagged along, or unsolved issues.
There are so many things that our soul has been through before being reborn in this life that can lead to confusion or even let you know why you simply are drawn to a specific person.
So much to discover!!
But of course I also do readings concerning your current life, which means I can guide you on pretty much any question that pops in your head.

I can help you find out about and guide you to get closer to achieving your life’s purpose.

I love to have a personal connection with my clients and create a bond!

  • Past Life Work
  • Business Coach
  • Soul Coach



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