My Services

I currently offer a wide variety of services such as tarot readings, spirit guide work, past life guidance, and transformative life coaching. I also currently offer tarot and life-coaching self-study courses.


22 Week 1:1 COaching

Awaken Your Inner Phoenix

Awaken Your Inner Phoenix is my 22 Week intensive one on one life-changing personal coaching Program.
I developed this program and combined my Past Life work with my transformative Life coaching to help you in a very profound way.
We will work together every week for one hour and each week we look into a different topic.


Business coaching

Soul Purpose Business Coaching

Soul Purpose Business Coaching, is a 6 week intensive 1:1 coaching program where you will learn your Soul’s Purpose, how to merge your Spiritual Essence with your Business, and give your Business an incredible boost!' We will look into how your Past-lives are affecting your business and clear karmic patterns, hooks, cords.. You will also get incredible insights on how to use that new formed alignment and take your business onto the road of success!


Monthly Engagement

Transformative Life Coaching

Are you trying to manifest the life of your dreams, but it’s just not working?
Do you feel like something is blocking you from fully developing your Spiritual gifts?
Are you ready to Transform Your Life?
If you answered YES to any of the questions above, my Transformative Life Coaching is perfect for you!


Healing Modality

Conscious Coding Sessions

Conscious Coding ® was developed by Devon Golden. He began noticing that people hold subconscious energetic bodies, empowered by beliefs, that cause havoc in our present lives. He found that if we heal memories of trauma through a process of belief clearing we can merge the conscious and subconscious mind. With this merge comes tremendous healing and peace in the present.

Book NOW to experience peace!



Explore your Past

Past Life Readings

Have you ever wondered who you have been in one of Your Past-Lives?

Do you have blockages and don't know where they come from?

I can help you out!


Future Work

Conversation with Your Future Self

Have you ever wondered what advice your future Self would give you if you could ask them?

I can help you out!


Healing Messages

Message from Your Spirit Guide

Ever wondered who your Spirit Guide is and what they are trying to help you with?

I connect with one of your Spirit Guides, who could be anything and anyone, from Angels and Ancestors, to Dragons, Fairies or even an Unicorn!


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